PA GOP Statement on Bob Casey Voting to Shut Down the Federal Government


HARRISBURG — , Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio issued the following statement on Bob Casey voting to shut down the federal government:

“Yesterday, only a few days before Christmas, Bob Casey — one of the nation’s most obstructionist senators —  decided to engage in more partisan politics instead of focusing on the lives of Pennsylvanians by voting to shut down our federal government. Bob Casey’s decision to vote for a government shutdown was irresponsible — he voted against funding our national defense programs and, shamefully, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

“Congressional Republicans have proven time and time again this that we are the party of responsible governance. Bob Casey has fallen in line with the far left leaders of his party — Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren — at the expense of Pennsylvania families. Keystone State voters will hold Bob Casey accountable at the ballot box in 2018.”

— Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania



  • The House and Senate passed the government funding package, which included $2.85 billion for CHIP, by a bipartisan vote in both chambers.
  • CHIP provides health coverage to millions of American children, including 290,000 children in Pennsylvania.
  • Funding for the program expired on September 30. The House passed a bill in early November to fund CHIP for five years, but Senate Democrats refused to take it up.