PA GOP Chairman on Non-citizens registering to vote at PennDOT

HARRISBURG — Chairman Val DiGiorgio issued the following statement on Non-citizens registering to vote at PennDOT:


“I am tired of being told that there are no cases of election fraud and irregularities by the same people who cause election fraud or turn a blind eye to it. Voting irregularities and election fraud are not myths in Pennsylvania — I have personally witnessed both while working in Philadelphia as a Republican committeeman and on several campaigns.

“At the beginning of the summer, I urged Governor Wolf to work with President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission’s efforts to that ensure that our Pennsylvania electoral process is free of fraud. The Governor’s nonchalant attitude toward our voter integrity is truly disturbing and mirrors the view of a corrupt one-party ruled Philadelphia political system. With the troubling revelations of mass mismanagement coming out the Governor’s administration that resulted in non-citizens voting, I’m now calling on Governor Wolf to immediately investigate these unacceptable PennDot operational flaws and fully cooperate with the Trump administration’s Election Integrity Commission. If Governor Wolf fails to comply with the commission’s requests, Pennsylvania runs the risk of being exposed to even more fraud this fall and beyond.”

— Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania