PA GOP Chairman on Governor Wolf & Bob Casey’s Failure to Denounce Antifa


HARRISBURG — Chairman Val DiGiorgio issued the following statement on Governor Wolf and Senator Casey’s failure to denounce Antifa:

“It’s unconscionable that the two most senior Pennsylvania Democrats — Governor Wolf and Senator Casey — have yet to denounce the hate group Antifa. This group of violent cowards — with their identities hidden — show up seeking physical battles with their opposition. Their heinous acts of violence and destruction at the expense of law-abiding citizens throughout our country can no longer be ignored.

“With the rising threat of increased violence and coordinated attacks by Antifa in Pennsylvania, as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, I am officially calling on Governor Wolf and Senator Casey to denounce Antifa. Until they condemn Antifa, it must be assumed that they support Antifa’s hateful goals and mission.”

— Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania


Background:, Nancy Phillips & Craig R. McCoy, Antifa, black-clad and often violent, is strong in Philly

In January, on the evening of President Trump’s inauguration, a band of bandanna-wearing vandals raced along South Street, shattering the windows of two banks and a dozen storefronts. “They came by and had masks on,” recalled Tanya Italia, manager of a high-end furniture store. “They just smashed the window with a hammer. It was just a day of vandalism. I don’t think of them as real protesters.”… In May, police said up to 50 masked and black-clad men and women sprinted through a changing section of North Philadelphia, smashing windows in renovated buildings and more expensive cars and throwing Christmas ornaments filled with paint. They carried a banner that read: “Gentrification is death and revolt is life.”… These outbursts reflect the Philadelphia presence of antifa and its allies, a shadowy collection of extreme left-wing activists who, in their most controversial manifestations, have embraced property damage and street brawling as legitimate forms of protest… On July 2, he said, he was headed towards Suburban Station carrying a “Trump 2020” placard when he was encircled by young men whom he identified as supporters of antifa. “This kid comes up out of nowhere, and he’s like, ‘Hey, man, what’s on your sign?’” Caplan said. Before he could answer, Caplan said, he was struck with a bottle, then kicked and punched.  He was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital, where doctors treated him for a head injury that required six staples to close. Three people were arrested.“I know their methods,” Caplan said. “They’re just trying to stir everything up. The media has portrayed them as counterprotesters, but they have an agenda. The agenda is anarchy. They’re there to create chaos.”

Fox 43, Valerie Waltz, ANTIFA Demonstrator attacks police horse during March against Sharia in Harrisburg

A Philadelphia woman is facing charges after she attacked a police horse with a flag pole during a demonstration in Harrisburg on Saturday morning. Lisa Simon, 23, is charged with aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police animal, prohibited offensive weapons, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstruction administrative law. She was arraigned and taken to Dauphin County Prison in lieu of $100,000 bail. The incident unfolded during a demonstration at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex in Harrisburg shortly after 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. The demonstration was part of “March Against Sharia.” The demonstration was scheduled to take place in more than 20 cities, including New York, Dallas and Atlanta, and was projected to be ACT for America’s largest protest against Sharia Law. During the rally, multiple mounted Pennsylvania State Police Troopers and Harrisburg Police assisted with crowd control as demonstrators moved from the steps of the Capitol throughout the midtown area. Simon attacked the horse with a flag pole as a Trooper and his equine partner, Sampson, were attempting to move the crowd along the 1200 block of North 6th Street, police said. The flag pole had a silver nail at the top and Simon hit Sampson in the side of his neck, according to police reports.Police took Simon into custody and she resisted, records show.