PA GOP Chairman Statement on Judge Dwayne Woodruff Deception of Voters


HARRISBURG — Today, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio released the following statement on Judge Dwayne Woodruff’s deception of voters through his campaign finance disclosures:

“In a functioning democracy, we must have judges with the highest levels of integrity and respect for the law. By playing fast and loose with its campaign finance disclosures, Judge Woodruff’s campaign has demonstrated an appalling lack of both. This egregious misstatement of campaign contributions and deception of voters clearly calls into question Judge Woodruff’s candidacy to serve on Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court.”

Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania 


Background references

PoliticsPA, Paul Engelkeimer, Woodruff Campaign Inflated Fundraising by a Quarter Million Dollars 

Supreme Court candidate Dwayne Woodruff only had about 6 percent of the cash on hand his campaign originally claimed, according to revised fundraising reports. His campaign declined to offer an explanation for the $265,000 decrease between his initial report and the amended version…

Woodruff’s report also showed larger support from Steelers owner Art Rooney and his wife Greta. The original report showed a $25,000 donation from Art Rooney on March 27th, the final day of the reporting period, and a $5,000 donation from Greta Rooney on February 22nd.  The amended report showed only a $5,000 donation from Art Rooney on February 22nd and no donations from Greta…“I have never heard of filing an amended report that took away donations and loans, or changing donations from $75,000 to $5,000,” Chris Nicholas, a Republican consultant, told PoliticsPA.