PA GOP Statement on Importance of Judicial Elections and PA GOP Endorsed Slate of Candidates


HARRISBURG — With less than two weeks until Pennsylvania’s primary elections, Chairman Val DiGiorgio released the following statement on the importance of judicial elections and the Republican Party’s endorsed slate of candidates:

“The Pennsylvania Republican Party is united in its efforts to elect judges that keep Pennsylvania families safe, do not attempt to legislate from the bench and respect the rule of law. Our legislators are working hard to achieve real reforms such as pension reform, paycheck protection legislation and other protections for taxpayers. However, if these important public policy initiatives go before government union-controlled judges and justices, they run the risk of being overturned. Our endorsed judicial candidates are committed to calling balls and strikes by interpreting the law, not legislating from the bench.

“Our committee, donors, and elected officials are unified in our commitment to electing our endorsed judicial candidates. Our slate of candidates have all been highly recommended or recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and are running unified.”

— Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania

PA GOP Endorsed Judicial Candidates

Supreme Court:
Justice Sallie Mundy

Superior Court:
Judge Emil Giordano, Judge Wade Kagarise, Judge Paula Patrick, and District Attorney Craig Stedman

Commonwealth Court:

Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon and Paul Lalley