PA GOP Chairman Statement on Confirmation of The Honorable Neil Gorsuch


HARRISBURG — PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio released the following statement on the confirmation of The Honorable Neil Gorsuch:

“Today is a great day for our country. Judge Gorsuch — an honest, brilliant, and well-qualified judge — will become our next associate justice to the United States Supreme Court. It is time for Bob Casey and his Democrat colleagues to let go of their sour grapes from the election and support the nominee the American people want on the Supreme Court.

“Senate Democrats — Bob Casey in particular — have proven they are more interested in playing petty political games than fulfilling their duty to the American people. Voters across Pennsylvania made their voices heard, and Democrats must accept that they chose Donald Trump to choose our next Supreme Court justice. 

“The political grandstanding we’ve seen from Bob Casey over the last several weeks is not what Pennsylvanians elected him to do.”

Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania