Statement from PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio on President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress


HARRISBURG — This evening, Chairman Val DiGiorgio released a statement on President Trump’s joint address to Congress. The statement can be found below:

“In his joint address to Congress, President Trump promoted a bold vision for our nation in which people from all backgrounds, race, and socioeconomic class unite as Americans.

“Our President is keeping his campaign promises and doing what the American people elected him to do — move our country forward. It was encouraging to hear President Trump highlight regulatory reform, the importance of a strong national defense, and appropriate cuts to our bloated federal government. Under President Trump’s leadership, American taxpayers will no longer see their hard-earned money squandered. I look forward to President Trump working closely with Congress to quickly implement these objectives and continue to deliver on his campaign promise to Make America Great Again by putting America first.”

— Val DiGiorgio, Chairman, Republican Party of Pennsylvania