Victory! Donald Trump and Pat Toomey Help Pennsylvania Republicans Make History

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the statewide elections.

“The eyes of the world watched as Pennsylvania sent a Republican President and U.S. Senator to Washington,” Gleason said. “The energy we’ve seen for Donald Trump and Pat Toomey in the Keystone State was unprecedented, and that energy translated into votes thanks to the hard work and dedication of thousands of volunteers throughout Pennsylvania. With Donald Trump in the White House and Pat Toomey back in the United States Senate, Pennsylvania delivered a message that we want to get on the right track.

“I would like to also thank our wonderful state row office candidates for running such strong campaigns. John Rafferty, John Brown and Otto Voit all worked extremely hard to bring their messages to voters, and I thank them for standing up and running to make our Commonwealth a better place.

“Now, it’s time to help Make America Great Again!”