McGinty & Wolf Must Release Her Government Emails as Soon as Possible, Before Election Day

 “McGinty’s campaign spokesman said in an email that McGinty ‘is always on the side of transparency,’ but he did not respond to a follow-up email asking whether McGinty has asked the Wolf administration to release the emails.” – Associated Press, 10/14/2016

HARRISBURG – Katie McGinty and Tom Wolf are still refusing to release her government emails after the Commonwealth Court on Friday ordered their release within 30 days. McGinty and Wolf have an obligation to Pennsylvania voters making a choice in the Senate race to release these emails before the election, not burying them five days post-election.

“The voters of Pennsylvania have a right to know what Katie McGinty did in her last taxpayer-funded position,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “Katie McGinty was Chief of Staff to America’s Most Liberal Governor at a time when he called for new taxes on diapers, day care and even caskets. Katie McGinty was Tom Wolf’s top advisor when he plunged Pennsylvania into its worst budget crisis in history. With her history of using the revolving door between the public and private sectors, Pennsylvania voters deserve to have all of the facts about Katie McGinty’s role in the Wolf Administration before they cast their ballot.

“Pennsylvania’s taxpayer dollars should not be used as a way for Tom Wolf to hide Katie McGinty’s emails until five days after Election Day. It’s time for Katie McGinty to put an end to this ridiculous charade and call for the immediate release of her government emails.”

On July 7th, 2015, PA GOP Deputy Communications Director Paul Engelkemier requested outgoing Wolf Chief of Staff’s Katie McGinty’s emails from her tenure in the Wolf Administration.

To date, only 71 out of 15,000 pages of emails in this request have been publicly released, 25 pages of which were an advertising brochure for cablewire.

On Friday, the Commonwealth Court ordered the release of the requested government emails of Katie McGinty. The ruling also notes that the Office of the Governor “attempted to confuse the matter” of the release of the emails in front of the Commonwealth Court by adding in information regarding a request for McGinty’s calendar.

To read the full ruling from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, please click here.