Shady Katie Tries To Hide Her Past In New Ad

As Tom Wolf’s Chief of Staff, McGinty Supported The Largest Tax Hikes In The Nation

HARRISBURG – Today, Katie McGinty released an new advertisement which blatantly ignores her past support for major tax hikes on Pennsylvania’s working families.

“Does Katie McGinty think Pennsylvanians will just forget her efforts to raise taxes on diapers, day care and college costs just last year?” PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “Katie McGinty didn’t just support the highest tax hikes in the country; she actively campaigned for them and helped to shut down schools and social services when she didn’t get her way. That Katie McGinty would now try to falsely portray herself as a tax-cutter is offensive to every family whose life was made harder because of the budget crisis Katie McGinty helped to create.

“Make no mistake about it: Katie McGinty will not hesitate to raise taxes on Pennsylvania’s working families. If McGinty was fine with holding our schools and social services hostages for major tax hikes in the past, imagine how much damage she would do to working class families if she’s in the Senate.”

Katie McGinty Supported New Tax On Diapers, Day Care And College Costs

 Katie McGinty’s Budget Would Have Removed The Exemption From Services Such As Diapers, Day Care, College Textbooks, And Higher Education Meal Plans And Fees Other Than Tuition. (Ed Mahon, “Gov. Tom Wolf’s sales tax expansion would cover child care, nursing homes and more,” York Daily Record, 3/18/2015)

Katie McGinty Supported A 20% Income Tax Hike

While Katie McGinty Was Governor Tom Wolf’s Chief Of Staff When He Called For A 20 Percent Increase On The Income Tax. (“Read the full text of Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address,”, 3/3/2015)

  • The Independent Fiscal Office Found That Budget Would Increase Taxes Across All Income Brackets.Despite his claim that increasing the income tax would give more money to middle class families, the IFO found that every Pennsylvanian can expect to pay more under Governor Wolf’s Plan. (Steve Esack, “Taxes would rise across all income levels under Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget, report says,”Allentown Morning Call, 4/25/2015), (“Analysis of Revenue Proposal: FY 2015-16 Executive Budget,” Independent Fiscal Office, 4/23/2015)

Katie McGinty Supported A 10% Sales Tax Hike

The Last Time Katie McGinty Was In Government, She Supported A 10% Hike In The Sales Tax. (“Read the full text of Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget address,”, 3/3/2015)

Katie McGinty Supported The Largest Tax Hikes In The Nation

According To The National Association Of State Budget Officers, Katie McGinty Supported A Budget Proposal That Would Increase Taxes On Pennsylvanians More Than The Other 49 States…Combined. “Not only was Pennsylvania a ‘driver’ of state tax increases, Gov. Wolf’s proposed tax increase is greater than the total for the rest of the country—which is a net tax decrease.” (“Fiscal Survey of States: Spring 2015,” National Association of State Budget Officers, 8/14/2015), (Nathan Benefield, “How Does Gov. Wolf’s Tax Plan Stand Up?,” Commonwealth Foundation, 6/18/2015)