Hillary Tries To Make Millennials Forget Her Untrustworthiness

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s stop in Philadelphia.

“One campaign stop is not going to make millennials forget how bad a Hillary Clinton presidency would be for America,” Gleason said. “Though she is desperately trying to save her tumbling poll numbers, young voters know better than to trust Hillary Clinton. From her secret Wall Street speeches to her continued shadiness regarding her private email server, Hillary has made it crystal clear that her own interests will always be at the top of her list. Our country deserves better than Hillary Clinton’s lies, scandals and status quo agenda.

“Donald Trump is not afraid to shake up the system. Mr. Trump knows how to create private sector jobs that will put our economy back on the right track. Young people need opportunities to chart their future. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump is not afraid to have honest discussions with the American people. In these difficult times, Donald Trump will do what it takes to Make America Great Again.”