ICYMI: Media Roundup: PA GOP Goes To Court Over Wolf Administration’s 14-Month Long Attempt to Hide Katie McGinty’s Emails

“For more than fourteen months, the Wolf Administration has employed every tactic in the book to keep Katie McGinty’s supposedly-public emails from seeing the light of day. Requests for Katie McGinty’s emails were made in July of 2015. To date, we have received 71 pages of emails, 25 pages of which contain a brochure for cable wire. The Office of Open Records has told the Wolf Administration to release Katie McGinty’s emails – twice – but the Wolf Administration would rather use more taxpayer funds to protect Katie McGinty than engage in transparency. It’s time for Katie McGinty and her buddies in the Wolf Administration to end this ridiculous taxpayer-funded charade and release the emails.” – PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney



“Before she became a candidate for US Senate, and after she was a candidate for governor, Katie McGinty was chief of staff to Governor Tom Wolf.

“It’s that six-month time period that has caught the attention of the statewide Republican party and has sparked a legal fight that landed in Commonwealth Court Tuesday morning…

“The Office of Open Records has sided with the PA GOP saying that the Wolf Administration should turn over the emails.”



“A little more than a year ago, [PA GOP Deputy Communications Director Paul] Engelkemier made an open records request to access McGinty’s emails while she worked as Governor Tom Wolf’s chief of staff.  Englekemier provided 109 search terms to the governor’s office to which he says returned about 5,000 emails.

“’We’ve only received 71 pages, of those emails, about 25 of which were a marketing brochure, which is not very helpful for figuring out what she was doing as chief of staff,’ Engelkemier said.”



“The GOP is asking to see about 5,000 emails. To date, Republicans say they’ve only received 71 pages out of 5,000.”



“Gov. Tom Wolf’s office and the state Republican Party faced off in Commonwealth Court today over a request to release emails of Katie McGinty, the governor’s former chief of staff who’s now the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate.

“The governor’s office is appealing a state Office of Open Records determination that it turn over some materials it withheld in response to a July 2015 right-to-know request from the deputy communications director of the state Republican Party. The request was filed just before Ms. McGinty left the governor’s inner circle to run for the Senate.”