ICYMI: Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: Cambria County GOP Distributes Thousands of Trump Yard Signs

“Donald Trump has created a historic amount of enthusiasm in the Keystone State. Yesterday, hundreds of voters waited in  line for Trump signs in Cambria County. Donald Trump and the entire Republican ticket continue to build momentum heading into the fall campaign season, and our grassroots is ready to turn energy into victory this November.” – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason

Cambria County GOP distributes thousands of Trump yard signs
Johnstown Tribune-Democrat
Dave Sutor
August 30, 2016


For weeks, the Cambria County Republican Party’s waiting list for Donald Trump yard signs had been steadily growing: 100 names, 200 names, 300 names, eventually reaching about 800 names.

So, when some new signs arrived, the local GOP organization decided to bring people together for a big giveaway event at the Solomon Run fire hall grounds in Richland Township.

A crowd of approximately 1,000 people showed up on Monday to collect 3,000 Trump signs, according to Jackie Kulback, chairwoman of the county party.

“I’d like to say that I expected it because I did,” said Jim Vasilko, who was a delegate to the Republican National Convention. “It really kind of exceeded our expectations as far as the turnout.”

He added: “I think it was a good idea to gauge interest by having everybody come at one time to pick up the signs.”

Trump gained statewide support during the primary, winning every county.

“As I have traveled across Pennsylvania, I have never – in all of these years – seen the excitement that is happening with Donald Trump,” Joyce Haas, vice chairwoman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, said. “When he says it is a movement, it is.”

Organizers also handed out signs for other candidates, including U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus, R-Sewickley, from the 12th Congressional District, who showed up at the event.

“The important thing with this election is not only who the people are voting for for president, but it is also the down-ballot candidates also, namely Keith Rothfus, as our congressman, and Congressman (Bill) Shuster (from the 9th district),” Kulback said. “And it’s very important that we get all the down-ballot candidates re-elected also.”

Retired Marine Corps Col. John Hugya, who, as a Democrat, ran in the 12th district’s 2014 primary, was in attendance, having recently registered as a Republican.

“My party left me, so I went to the alternate party, the Republican Party,” Hugya said. “That’s why I’m out here today. I’m a big Trump supporter.”

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