PA GOP Statement on Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Candidate Pick

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s selection of Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate.
“Much like her government track record, Hillary Clinton’s VP pick is uninspiring,” Gleason said. “Tim Kaine is an entrenched member of the same tired Democrat DC establishment that did everything they could to protect Hillary Clinton from her opponents. Hillary Clinton will always put her political future first, so it’s not surprising she picked a former Democrat party boss as her running mate.
“While Hillary Clinton attempts to hide her liberal agenda, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are focusing on bringing jobs and prosperity to America. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are ready to fight for policies that improve the lives of all Americans. Unlike Hillary Clinton, the Trump-Pence ticket has motivated millions of Americans to get involved in the political process once again.
“Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine represent more of the same for the Democrat Party at a time when Americans are seeking a new direction for the country. Republicans are excited to work on behalf of the change ticket in this campaign.”