ICYMI: Quinnipiac University Poll: PA Presidential Poll: Trump 43, Clinton 41

With a drop in grades on honesty and moral standards, Democrat Hillary Clinton loses an 8-point lead over Republican Donald Trump in Florida, and finds herself in too-close-to-call races in the three critical swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to a Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll released today.

Clinton loses ground on almost every measure from a June 21 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University. The Swing State Poll focuses on Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania because since 1960 no candidate has won the presidential race without taking at least two of these three states.

The presidential matchups show:

Pennsylvania – Trump over Clinton 40 – 34 percent with 9 percent for Johnson and 3 percent for Stein.

“Donald Trump enters the Republican Convention on a small roll in the three most important swing states in the country. He has wiped out Hillary Clinton’s lead in Florida; is on the upside of too-close to call races in

By wide margins, voters in each state agree with the statement, “The old way of doing things no longer works and we need radical change.”


The gender gap is shrinking in Pennsylvania, where Clinton leads 43 – 39 percent among women, down from 50 – 34 percent in June, while Trump leads 48 – 37 percent among men, compared to 50 – 33 percent last month. He leads 82 – 5 percent among Republicans, as Clinton takes Democrats 82 – 9 percent. Independent voters are divided with 39 percent for Trump and 36 percent for Clinton. White voters go Republican 51 – 33 percent, while non-white voters go Democratic 72 – 12 percent.

Keystone State voters give Clinton a negative 31 – 65 percent favorability rating, and give Trump a negative 38 – 57 percent.

Comparing the candidates’ character traits, voters say:

56 – 36 percent that Clinton is better prepared to be president;

43 percent that she has higher moral standards, with 41 percent for Trump;

51 – 37 percent that Clinton is more intelligent;

49 – 34 percent that Trump is more honest and trustworthy.

Trump would be better creating jobs, Pennsylvania voters say 54 – 39 percent.

Trump would be more effective against ISIS, voters say 52 – 40 percent,

Pennsylvania voters agree:

  • 72 – 26 percent that the old ways don’t work and it’s time for radical change

  • 78 – 21 percent that public officials “don’t care much what people like me think.”

“As she battles for every vote in a tight race with Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton has to look at the erosion of support from women as a red flag in a blue state that could carry one of the candidates to the White House,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

To read the full poll by Quinnipiac University, please click here.