Despite Pleas From PA Law Enforcement Officials, McGinty Still Supports Philadelphia’s “Sanctuary City” Status

HARRISBURG – Since Katie McGinty still won’t join the substantial bipartisan opposition to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s dangerous sanctuary city policy, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement.

“The calls continue to grow on Katie McGinty to follow common sense and the many Democrats who oppose this dangerous sanctuary city policy,” Sweeney said. “Law enforcement officials from around Pennsylvania have already called on the Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate to abandon her position and help make Pennsylvania safer. It’s alarming that Katie McGinty would choose to be to the left of the Obama administration, Ed Rendell and Michael Nutter on this issue.”

This week, PoliticsPA published a letter from twenty local law enforcement officers from across Pennsylvania to Katie McGinty calling for the end of her support of Philadelphia’s “sanctuary city” status. The entire letter can be read here. (Kerry Rugenstein, “PA-Sen: Sheriffs, DAs Urge McGinty to Oppose Sanctuary Cities,” PoliticsPA, 5/12/2016)