Crickets. Josh Shapiro Stays Silent On Taking Politics Out Of AG’s Office

HARRISBURG – Democrat Attorney General  candidate Josh Shapiro is continuing to remain silent on his plans to use the Office of the Attorney General as a stepping stone for higher office ambition.

At a time when Pennsylvania’s current Democrat Attorney General is under indictment and unable to practice law, Shapiro has refused to answer questions regarding his efforts to use a statewide elected office to further his own political ambition.

“Josh Shapiro refuses to take politics out of the Attorney General’s Office because he sees the job as a taxpayer-funded stepping stone for his political career,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “Our last Democrat Attorney General has turned the office into a sad national laughingstock that will take years to fix. So why won’t Josh Shapiro pledge to fully commit himself to the office for which he’s running? The fact of the matter is that Josh Shapiro views the Attorney General as a placeholder position until he finds a new political opportunity.

“Pennsylvanians deserve better than someone who puts their own political ambition ahead of the Office of Attorney General. It’s not up to Pennsylvanians to bankroll Josh Shapiro’s search for political fame. Our Commonwealth needs a complete break from the embarrassing tenure of Kathleen Kane, and that’s why they need John Rafferty as Attorney General.”

Earlier this week, Republican Attorney General candidate John Rafferty challenged Josh Shapiro to help him take the politics out of the Office of Attorney General. You can find out more information at