Three Big Endorsements For John Rafferty For Attorney General

In the past two weeks, three of Pennsylvania’s biggest newspapers endorsed State Senator John Rafferty for Attorney General.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“As a lawmaker, Mr. Rafferty has been a go-to guy on new legislation for crime victims and the law enforcement community.

“He has worked to strengthen the state’s child protection laws, in part through his sponsorship of Jessica’s Law (which toughened penalties for sexual predators) and his push to improve Megan’s Law (which created a state registry of sex offenders). Mr. Rafferty also sponsored bills to strengthen arson laws, get tough on recruiters for criminal street gangs, stiffen punishment for gun straw purchasers and crack down on repeat DUI offenders.

“He says at his age, 63, he would not use the post as a political springboard — a meaningful pledge for an office that desperately needs stability and leadership. He would use a heroin task force to stem the rise in drug trafficking and fight crime by partnering with district attorneys, who he says know Pennsylvania’s streets better than the attorney general’s staff.

“For his broad-gauge interest in effective laws, his abiding concern for victims and his eagerness to team up with local crime fighters, John Rafferty Jr. has distinguished himself as the better choice for the Republican nomination and has earned the Post-Gazette’s endorsement.”

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“On the Republican side of the ledger, long-serving state Sen. John Rafferty of Montgomery County, is the best pick for GOP voters who are no doubt looking forward to recapturing the AG’s office after four years of Democratic control.

“A 12-year veteran of the Senate, Rafferty has previously worked in civil practice, where he focused on municipal, business and real estate law. He served three years as a deputy attorney general, where he worked on Medicaid fraud cases.”

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“State Sen. JOHN RAFFERTY possesses the political seasoning and pragmatic bent to make the Attorney General’s Office work again.”

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