TODAY IN HISTORY: Joe Sestak Votes For Obamacare

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding the sixth anniversary of Joe Sestak’s votes for Obamacare.

“Six years ago today, Joe Sestak drove a government-sized wedge between patients and their doctors,” Sweeney said. “When Joe Sestak voted for Obamacare, he voted to plunge America’s health care future into crisis. In fact, Joe Sestak wanted Obamacare to go even further, and pushed for a completely government-run public option that was rejected by his own party. It’s clear that Joe Sestak is more concerned about pushing his extreme liberal agenda than helping Pennsylvania’s middle-class families.”

Sestak: “The Sole Reason I Went To Congress” Was Obamacare

During a town hall meeting in 2009, then-Congressman Joe Sestak responded to a question about Obamacare by saying, “I think the first question was, did I read the bill? Yes, it’s the sole reason I went to Congress.” (Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, 9/5/09, 38:54-39:02)

Sestak Wanted Even More Government Involvement In Health Care

When asked if he would vote for Obamacare if it didn’t contain the public option, then-Congressman Joe Sestak said, “Right now, without a public health care plan option or something that actually is very very very similar, which the present co-op proposal isn’t, we won’t get those insurance companies to have a fair competitor that actually brings those premiums down. And because Pennsylvanians have had a 90 percent increase in their premiums in the last 8 years, we’ve got to have something in that in order for me to be supportive of it. And right now, I’m going to find it hard to do so, unless we have that in there.” (Alex Rose, “Sestak: Public option needed for health bill,” Main Line Times, 8/25/2009)

In 2010, Joe Sestak Voted For Obamacare

Sestak Voted For The Final Version Of Obamacare Five years ago today, Sestak Voted For H.R. 3590, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the ObamaCare Reconciliation bill. (H.R. 3590, Roll Call #165: Passed 219-212; R 0-178, D 219-34, 3/21/10), (H.R. 4872, Roll Call #167: Passed 220-211; R 0-178, D 220-33, 3/21/10)