The PA GOP Celebrates Presidents Day

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement today in celebration of Presidents Day.

“Today, our nation reflects upon George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the leaders who have had the honor of being President of the United States,” Gleason said. “George Washington’s leadership helped to steady our nascent country in the early days of our existence, and his legacy inspires us to this day. Abraham Lincoln led our country through its darkest hour, and chartered a new course for our nation based on freedom and liberty.

“This month, we are also proud to honor birth of our fortieth President, Ronald Reagan. Reagan ushered in a renewed sense of pride in American values, and his enduring influence on our Party cannot be overstated.

“The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is proud of honor the legacies of these great leaders, and continue to elect qualified candidates to lead out communities at all levels of government.”