***FACT CHECK*** A Timeline Of Tom Wolf’s Attacks On Education

June 2015: Wolf Blocks All Funding For Schools

In June 2015, Wolf plunges our schools into an unnecessary crisis by completely vetoing the budget passed by the State Senate and State House. (Angela Couloumbis and Madison Russ, “Wolf vetoes entire GOP budget, says ‘math doesn’t work’,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/2/2015)

  • Wolf’s veto zeroed-out funding for 274 out of 401 of the line-item appropriations in the Republican budget that were funded at the same or higher levels than his proposal. (“Putting an End to the ‘Raise Your Taxes’ Campaign,” Office of Representative Michael Regan, 8/17/2015)

September 2015: Wolf Vetoes Emergency Funding For Schools

September 2015: In late September, Tom Wolf vetoed an effort by Republican lawmakers to provide emergency funding for school districts and non-profit organizations. (Christian Alexandersen, “Surprising no one, Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed GOP-crafted stopgap budget,” Harrisburg Patriot-News, 9/29/2015)

  • When Wolf was asked about his plans after vetoing a stopgap budget, Wolf responded “I want a fight.”(Tweet by Pete Muntean, 9/29/15)


Courtesy of the PA House GOP

December 2015: Wolf Single-Handedly Cuts $3 Billion From Education

December 2015, Tom Wolf single-handedly cut $3 billion from schools. (Nathan Benefield, “State budget hostages finally freed?,” Bucks County Courier Times, 1/8/2016)

Wolf’s Vetoes Have Cost Schools $50 Million…In Loan Interests

Wolf’s original budget veto in June has caused schools to pay over $50 million in interest payments instead of sending that money to the classroom. (Terrie Morgan-Besecker, “State budget impasse cost school districts up to $50 million to date,” Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice, 2/2/2016)