PA GOP Statement On Tom Wolf’s Disastrous First Year In Office

HARRISBURG — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s first year in office.

“Tom Wolf’s first year in office was a disaster for Pennsylvania’s families, schools and communities. Within days of taking office, Tom Wolf revealed that being a ‘different kind of governor’ meant using the Governor’s Office to settle perceived political scores with government officials and appointees. From there, Tom Wolf traveled to Washington, D.C., where he embarrassed our Commonwealth by claiming our biggest challenge was our ‘low self-esteem.’”

“The biggest failure of the Wolf Administration was Tom Wolf’s decision to single-handedly plunge our Commonwealth into a unnecessary budget crisis. Month after month, Tom Wolf had opportunities to fund our schools and social services, but instead he spent his time campaigning while holding them hostage. Schools and non-profits were forced to cut services, lay off staff, and even close their doors because of Tom Wolf’s budget mismanagement. Just last month, Tom Wolf cut $3 billion from our schools along with millions from health and criminal justice services. Instead of governing, Tom Wolf has spent his first year in office campaigning for higher taxes to appease his special interest benefactors.

“No one can claim Governor Tom Wolf’s first year was a success. Over the course of the past year, Tom Wolf’s Administration has brought uncertainty, fear and failure to our Commonwealth. It’s time for Tom Wolf to step off the campaign trail and join Republicans in the State Senate and State House in governing Pennsylvania.”

Throughout the month of January, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania has highlighted some of the biggest milestones of Tom Wolf’s disastrous first year in office. You can find these lowlights here.