PA GOP Details Process To Nominate A Candidate To Run In The Upcoming Special Election To Fill The Vacancy In The 9th Senatorial District

HARRISBURG — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania (PA GOP) released the following information regarding the conferee process that our Party will oversee to nominate the Republican candidate on the ballot for the upcoming Special Election in the 9th State Legislative District.

The meeting is being called in anticipation of Senator Dominic Pileggi’s resignation as he assumes office as a Delaware County Judge on Monday, January 4th, 2016.

Due to the fact that this State Senate District is made up of more than one county, the Rules and Bylaws of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania dictate that the PA GOP preside over a conferee meeting to select a Republican nominee. The conferee meeting will be held on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Concordville Inn, 780 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, PA 19342.

Each of the counties that comprise the 9th Senatorial District will be represented by their respective number of allotted conferees based on the votes received by the Republican nominee for President in the 2012 election. Conferees must be registered Republican electors that reside in the 9th Senatorial District.

There will be a total of 61 conferees: 35 from Delaware County, and 26 from Chester County. These conferees are selected in accordance with each county party’s bylaws.

During the meeting, each candidate will have the opportunity to make a presentation to the conferees. After each candidate has an opportunity to be heard, the conferees will vote to nominate candidates to fill our Party’s position on the ballot. A nominated candidate must secure a majority of the votes cast to earn the nomination.

Any registered Republican who meets the constitutional requirements for this position may seek the Party’s nomination. Per the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Article II, Section 5 titled, “Qualifications of Members,” those requirements are as follows:

Senators shall be at least twenty-five years of age and Representatives twenty-one years of age. They shall have been citizens and inhabitants of their respective districts one year next before their election (unless absent on the public business of the United States or of this State) and shall reside in their respective districts during their terms of service.

We would ask that all candidates interested in seeking the Party’s nomination contact Republican Party of Pennsylvania Political Director Cody Harbaugh by calling 717-234-4901, ext. 142 or by emailing [email protected] by Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. so that we can ensure that every interested candidate is included in the process.