Groundhog Day: When Will Katie McGinty Take A Position On Sanctuary Cities?

As Fetterman and Sestak Run to the Left, McGinty Remains Silent

HARRISBURG — Today, the U.S. Senate will consider legislation designed to enhance the safety of communities across the country while also taking on the influx of violent felons crossing the border. The Stop Sanctuary Policies Act was introduced by Senator Pat Toomey, who discussed the measure during the Weekly Republican Address this weekend.

The Stop Sanctuary Policies Act puts an end to ‘sanctuary’ cities, which are municipalities that prohibit law enforcement from working with federal immigration authorities to tackle the problem of illegal immigration. The legislation includes “Kate’s Law” which works to end the influx of violent felons repeatedly crossing the border. Unfortunately, rather than standing with Pennsylvania families and communities, Congressman Joe Sestak and Mayor John Fetterman have both signaled their disapproval to the Stop Sanctuary Policies Act.

Even worse than the flawed decisions made by Congressman Sestak and Mayor Fetterman is Katie McGinty’s ongoing strategy of refusing to take a position on the prominent issues of the day. Instead of directly answering a question posed by the Philly Voice on the legislation, McGinty again failed to provide an answer of any substance whatsoever.

“Congressman Sestak and Mayor Fetterman are wrong about sanctuary cities, but at least they have the courage to tell the public their views,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “Katie McGinty is again refusing to detail her position on a critical public safety matter. Whether it’s Iran or ‘sanctuary’ cities, Katie McGinty has shown that she would rather dodge important policy questions and hide behind the Democratic insiders and party bosses who support her candidacy.”