ICYMI: Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason: Vote Olson, George, Covey For Supreme Court

In just a few short weeks, Pennsylvanians have a chance to make history.

On November 3rd, we have the opportunity to head to the polls and determine the very makeup of our state Supreme Court, the highest court in our Commonwealth. With three vacancies on the Court, this election could not come at a more critical time.

Over the past several years, scandals involving justices on the state Supreme Court have put the public’s faith in our judicial system at an all-time low.

Citizens should never have to question the integrity of their justices and judges, and it’s time a new tone is set in Harrisburg. We must elect jurists who possess the integrity, character, and commitment to reform needed to bring honor back to our statewide courts.

Along with the Superior and Commonwealth Courts, our Supreme Court has the ability to render verdicts which will affect the lives of every person in Pennsylvania. From voter protection issues to health care to the reach of powers of the executive and legislative branches, these courts make decisions that can change the future of the Keystone State.

As Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, I am proud to say that our Republicans has a slate of five terrific judicial candidates for Pennsylvania’s top appellate courts, including three for the state Supreme Court.

Judges Judy Olson, Mike George and Anne Covey are wonderful jurists who are dedicated to improving our court system and ensuring everyone receives fair and equal treatment under the law. An alumna of St. Francis University, Judge Judy Olson graduated second in her class at Duquesne University’s School of Law. She’s an award-winning volunteer with the American Heart Association who the Pennsylvania Bar Association has “highly recommended.” She’s also practiced law on the state and federal level for nearly three decades, and currently sits on our state’s Superior Court.

McKeesport native Judge Mike George is a former District Attorney who now serves as President Judge for the Adams County Court of Common Pleas. He’s received statewide recognition from the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges, who honored him with their “Golden Crowbar Award” for his efforts to improve our court system. He’s believes our courts owe our communities dignified, respectful, and efficient service while ensuring justice for all.

Judge Olson and Judge George are running with Commonwealth Court Judge Anne Covey. Most known for her opinion in Corman v. NCAA, Covey authored the opinion which kept $60 million of Penn State funds in Pennsylvania. Judge Covey is also a former member of the PA Labor Relations Board, a position she held for nearly a decade.

Judges Judy Olson, Mike George and Anne Covey, along with Superior Court candidate Judge Emil Giordano and Commonwealth Court candidate Paul Lalley, possess the qualifications, intelligence, and judicial temperaments necessary to serve with distinction on our statewide courts.

In addition to their focus on judicial reform, our candidates also share the common but important belief that the role of jurists is to interpret the law, and not legislate from the bench.

The citizens of our Commonwealth deserve courts filled with the best and most qualified jurists possible. I ask that you join me in supporting Supreme Court candidates Judges Judy Olson, Mike George and Anne Covey, Superior Court candidate Judge Emil Giordano and Commonwealth Court candidate Paul Lalley. To learn more about our candidates, please visit www.PAGOPJudges.org or call (717) 234-4901 for information on how you can volunteer.

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