The Most Liberal Governor In America: Tom Wolf And The War On Coal

“Governor Tom Wolf has an extremely liberal record when it comes to the War on Coal. Not only does Tom Wolf support President Obama’s War on Coal, he wants to impose even more regulations on our energy industry. The new EPA attack on our coal industry will cause energy prices to skyrocket ,and put tens of thousands of family-sustaining coal jobs on the line.” — PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney

Tom Wolf Is A Strong Supporter of the Obama Administration’s War on Coal…

Governor Tom Wolf has stated that he is supportive of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. (Susan Phillips and Reid Frazier, “Wolf backs Obama’s Clean Power Plan,” State Impact, 10/3/2015) This is a plan that will increase energy costs across Pennsylvania and the country. (Don Hopey, “Gov. Wolf praises president’s plan to slash power plant emissions, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,10/3/2015)

During the campaign trail, at an event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Wolf stated, “One day, the carbon-based energy system that we rely on now will be a thing of the past.” (Tom Wolf Comments, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, 6/13/2014)

President Obama’s War on Coal: “Ambitious but Achievable” “Today’s plan sets ambitious but achievable goals for reducing carbon emissions statewide and addressing climate change in fair and smart ways that takes into account legitimate concerns of all parties.” (“Clean Power Plan Presents New Opportunities for Pennsylvania Energy,” Office of the Governor, 8/3/2015)

Tom Wolf Wants to Bring The War on Coal to Pennsylvania…

Tom Wolf promised to impose emissions caps in Pennsylvania, and enter Pennsylvania into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. (“Climate Change,”, Accessed 6/1/2014)

  • Wolf’s state cap-and-trade plan would be in addition to any future federal cap-and-tax plan. (Conn Carroll, “How Waxman-Markey Will Affect Your State,” Heritage Foundation, 8/12/09), (“The Economic Impact of Waxman-Markey,” Heritage Foundation, 5/13/2009)
  • The proposed federal cap-and-tax plan would increase energy costs for a family of four by $1,500 a year. (“The Economic Impact of Waxman-Markey,” Heritage Foundation, 5/13/2009)
  • “Once the government creates a scarce new commodity—in this case the right to emit carbon—and then mandates that businesses buy it, the costs would inevitably be passed on to all consumers in the form of higher prices.” (Editorial, “Who Pays for Cap and Trade?,” Wall Street Journal, 3/9/2009)
  • Representative John Dingell (D-MI): “Nobody in this country realizes that cap-and-trade is a tax. And it’s a great big one.” (Rep. John Dingell, House Energy and Commerce Committee and House Science Committee, Joint Hearing, 4/24/09)

The War on Coal Has Already Cost Pennsylvanians Good-Paying Jobs

Hundreds of family-sustaining jobs have already been lost when power plants closed in Armstrong, Greene and Washington counties. (“Coal-Fired Power Plants Closing: FirstEnergy Shutting Down 6 Sites In Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland,” Associated Press, 01/26/12), (Paul Gough, “Union members hit hard by coal plant closings,” Pittsburgh Business Times, 10/15/2013)

Study: Tom Wolf “The Most Liberal Governor in America”

Governor Tom Wolf has been named the most liberal governor in America by research website FindTheBest with research from OnTheIssues. (FindtheBest, OnTheIssues, “Every U.S. Governor From Most Liberal to Most Conservative,” The Huffington Post, 7/31/2015)

  • “With an ideology score of -5.0, Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf is currently the most liberal governor.” (FindtheBest, OnTheIssues, “Every U.S. Governor From Most Liberal to Most Conservative,” The Huffington Post, 7/31/2015)
  • On a scale from 0 to -10, with -10 being the most liberal stance possible, Governor Tom Wolf’s economic stances scored a -9. (“Tom Wolf, Current Governor of Pennsylvania,” InsideGov, Accessed 8/14/2015)