Chairman Gleason Releases Statement On President Obama’s Visit To Philadelphia

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s trip to Philadelphia.

“Pennsylvanians have been forced to bear the burden of President Obama’s extreme liberal policies for the past six and a half years,” Gleason said. “President Obama’s time in office will be remembered as a period when taxes were raised, jobs were lost, and our health care system separated patients from their doctors. Given the increased burdens he’s placed on families, it’s not surprising that more than half of Pennsylvanians are rejecting President Obama’s extreme liberal policies.

“Our country cannot afford another term of President Barack Obama, but that’s exactly what we’d get with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is running on a platform of bigger government, higher taxes, and a continuation of the failed foreign policies that have hurt America’s standing in the world.

“It’s time for America to start to move past the big government, high tax policies of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In order to get America back on the right track, we must elect a Republican President in 2016.”


According to the latest survey by Quinnipiac University, 55 percent of Pennsylvanians disapprove of President Obama’s job performance. (Quinnipiac University, “Dems Ahead In Florida, Ohio Senate Races, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds; Toomey Gives GOP Edge In Pennsylvania,” 6/22/2015)