Lone Wolf: PA House Unanimously Rejects The Wolf Budget

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the State House’s unanimous rejection of Governor Tom Wolf’s budget proposal today.

“Governor Tom Wolf cannot even get a single member of the House Democratic Caucus to stand up and support his massive tax hikes,” Gleason said. “Governor Tom Wolf has spent months discussing the ‘holistic’ nature of his spending plan, only to watch it get unanimously rejected by the Republicans and Democrats in the State House.

“Even House Democrats don’t want to be associated with Tom Wolf’s new burdens on Pennsylvania families. From new taxes on diapers and day care to nursing homes and even caskets, the Wolf budget will tax Pennsylvanians from cradle to grave.

“Governor Tom Wolf is quickly running out of excuses — and support — for his drastic tax hikes. It’s time for Governor Wolf to sit down and discuss commonsense economic solutions to Pennsylvania’s budget situation.”

Today, the State House voted 193-0 to reject Governor Tom Wolf’s budget proposal. The budget was introduced as an amendment to House Bill 283.

Governor Tom Wolf has stated that his budget is “a holistic program. It’s not meant to be cherry picked.” (Wallace McKelvey, “Gov. Tom Wolf on why he’s raising, and lowering, your taxes: Keystone Q&A,” PennLive.com, 3/11/2015)