‘Guess’ Again: Wolf Administration Is Vague On Cost Of Nursing Home Tax Hike

HARRISBURG — The Wolf Administration was found to have “no figures” to back up their attempts to downplay the disastrous effects of the Wolf tax hikes on nursing home care, according to a report on PennLive.com.

The news comes just days after Governor Tom Wolf admitted that a key portion of his campaign of his campaign’s tax proposal was “just a guess.”

“It’s time for Tom Wolf to stand up and explain why he feels so comfortable playing fast and loose with the family budgets of millions of Pennsylvanians,” PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “As a candidate, Tom Wolf was ‘notoriously vague‘ about the details of his tax proposals, only to admit the numbers he did share were ‘just a guess.’ Now, the Wolf Administration is so desperate to win support for their disastrous tax hikes that they’re left blindly attacking critics.

“Governor Wolf needs to realize that his ‘guesses’ have consequences for the budgets of millions of Pennsylvania families. Despite Governor Wolf’s rhetoric, the fact of the matter is the Wolf tax hikes will cut the budgets of families all across the Keystone State.

“Governor Tom Wolf’s rhetoric on his tax proposals is not matching reality, and it’s no laughing matter. When it comes to taxes, Governor Tom Wolf is more concerned about pushing a liberal agenda than looking at the facts.”

Wolf Admits Key Section of Campaign Tax Proposal Was “Just A Guess”

When Tom Wolf talked about income taxes as a candidate for governor, he said a married couple earning between $140,000 and $180,000 a year shouldn’t pay any more in taxes…During a recent interview, Wolf said that $140,000 figure from the campaign ‘was a guess.’” (Ed Mahon, “Why Gov. Tom Wolf changed his mind on his campaign income tax plan,” York Daily Record, 5/5/2015)

Wolf Administration Attacks Key Nursing Home Organization, But “Had No Figures To Back That Up”

“The head of a trade group stands by statements that it costs $8,000 to $9,000 per month to live in a nursing home in Pennsylvania, including in midstate counties. Ron Barth did so after Jeff Sheridan, a spokesman for Gov. Tom Wolf, said most nursing home residents pay about “one-fourth” the amount cited by Barth, the CEO of LeadingAge PA, which represents not-for-profit nursing homes…But Sheridan had no figures to back that up.” (David Wenner, “How much does it cost to live in a nursing home? Gov. Wolf spokesman, trade association leader argue over claims,” PennLive.com, 5/5/2015)