PA’s Tax Freedom Day Could Be Later If Wolf Tax Hikes Become Law

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Tax Freedom Day, also known as the day when Pennsylvanians have collectively earned enough money to pay this year’s federal, state and local taxes.

“Tom Wolf’s tax hikes would make it even more challenging for Pennsylvanians to pay off their taxes next year,” Gleason said. “Pennsylvanians already have to work from New Year’s Day until today to earn enough money to pay their taxes. If Tom Wolf’s tax hikes are passed, Pennsylvanians will have to work even later into the year so they can foot the bill for his liberal agenda.

“Tom Wolf’s tax hikes will drastically cut the budgets of families all across Pennsylvania. From Wolf’s proposed 20% income tax hike to the Wolf tax hikes on diapers, day care and even caskets, Pennsylvania’s tax burden is poised to grow thanks to Governor Tom Wolf.”

According to the Tax Foundation, Pennsylvania’s Tax Freedom Day has is one of the latest in the nation, taking place one day later than the national average. (“Tax Freedom Day 2015 is April 24th,” Tax Foundation, 3/30/2015)

A study by the Commonwealth Foundation has found that Tom Wolf’s tax hikes will raise taxes for average Pennsylvania families by more than $1400. (“Wolf Tax Plan Devastating to Families, Elderly, and Small Businesses,” Commonwealth Foundation, 3/9/2015)