State Senator Kim Ward, State Representatives George Dunbar And Mike Reese, And Seton Hill University Student Penny Fjellanger Speak Out Against The Disastrous Effects Of The Wolf Tax Hikes

HARRISBURG — 39th District State Senator Kim Ward, 56th District State Representative George Dunbar, 59th District State Representative Mike Reese, and Seton Hill University student Penny Fjellanger spoke out against the Tom Wolf tax hikes today at the Westmoreland County Republican Committee Headquarters in Greensburg.

Governor Tom Wolf’s budget includes a proposed 20% increase in the income tax, 10% increase in the sales tax and lifted exemptions on items such as diapers, day care and even caskets.

“Tom Wolf’s budget proposal is a money grab masquerading as tax ‘fairness,’” Senator Ward said. “From new taxes on diapers and day care to taxes on caskets, Wolf’s tax hikes will follow Pennsylvanians throughout their lives.”

“Totaling $33.8 billion, Governor Wolf’s proposed budget represents the highest spending plan ever presented to the General Assembly and an unprecedented 16 percent spending increase over last year’s budget,” State Representative George Dunbar added in a statement for the event. “Under his property tax proposal, taxpayers in the 56th Legislative District would be paying more than $19 million in increased taxes than they would receive back in actual property tax relief.”

State Representative Mike Reese said, “Governor Tom Wolf has presented a budget proposal that will wreck the budgets of millions of Pennsylvania families. The people of Westmoreland County deserve better than the Wolf tax hikes.”

Seton Hill freshman Penny Fjellanger talked about the disastrous effect the Wolf tax hikes would have on many college students.

“Tom Wolf claims he wants to keep costs low for college students like myself, but the reality of his proposed taxes on everyday items like textbooks and meal plans are just the opposite,” Fjellanger said. “I can’t afford to be spending hundreds of dollars each year in new taxes.”

A study by the Commonwealth Foundation has found that Tom Wolf’s tax hikes will raise taxes for average Pennsylvania families by more than $1400. (“Wolf Tax Plan Devastating to Families, Elderly, and Small Businesses,” Commonwealth Foundation, 3/9/2015)