PA GOP Judicial Team Submits More Than 48,000 Signatures Of Support

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the petition filings of the PA GOP’s five judicial candidates for Pennsylvania Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Court.

“Our team of grassroots activists went door-to-door and event to event during the past three weeks to collect more than 48,000 signatures from all 67 counties for our five statewide judicial candidates,” Gleason said. “Grassroots Republicans who signed or circulated a petition are excited to continue working to elect our Republican ticket to our state courts this November.”

“Supreme Court candidates Judge Mike George, Judge Judy Olson, and Judge Anne Covey, Superior Court candidate Judge Emil Giordano, and Commonwealth Court candidate Paul Lalley all believe in the importance of judicial restraint. Our candidates will strictly interpret the laws of both our nation and our Commonwealth and will not legislate from the bench.”

“I want to thank our volunteers who fought the cold and snowy weather to show their support. I look forward to a Republican sweep of all five judicial races in November.”