No Sale: Lieutenant Governor: PA Citizens May Find Wolf Tax Hikes “Frustrating And Annoying”

3 5 2015 PCN LG Mike Stack
To listen to Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack admit that Pennsylvanians may find the Wolf tax hikes “annoying and frustrating,” please click here.

HARRISBURG — After learning that Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack mentioned that many Pennsylvania consumers would find the new sales taxes on items such as Tylenol and Advil “frustrating and annoying,” PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement.

“Even Tom Wolf’s own Lieutenant Governor knows how ‘frustrating and annoying’ the Wolf tax hikes will be for Pennsylvanians,” Sweeney said. “Governor Tom Wolf’s tax hikes are the largest in Pennsylvania’s history, and raise the costs on items such as child care, newspapers and over the counter drugs. Now, Tom Wolf’s own Lieutenant Governor is admitting that Pennsylvania consumers will find the Wolf tax hikes ‘frustrating and annoying.’”

“How much of an extra tax burden does Tom Wolf think Pennsylvania families can handle? Does he recognize how many Pennsylvania families will find the Wolf tax hikes ‘frustrating and annoying’ as they plan their family budgets? Does Tom Wolf also think his tax hikes will be ‘frustrating and annoying’?

“If Tom Wolf’s own Administration admits that consumers don’t support a higher sales tax, why won’t Tom Wolf?

During an appearance on PCN’s Call-In Program last night, Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack answered a caller’s question regarding the Wolf tax hike on over-the-counter medications with the following:

“I think the bottom line is, what Tom Wolf wants to do is he wants to dramatically change the climate of how we do things in Pennsylvania, and I know, you’re talking about a thing that affects a lot of, a lot of consumers, a lot of people out there where it’s just, you feel like it’s additional revenue that you’re going to have to pay and it’s frustrating and annoying.” (“PCN Call-In Program, Lt. Gov. Mike Stack,” PCN, 3/4/2015)