Republicans Increase Majority In The State House

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding tonight’s state House races.

“Tonight, we now know we will send historic numbers of Republicans to the state House in 2015-2016,” Gleason said. “Over the course of the past four years, our state House Republican majority has worked to create jobs, lower taxes, and grow Pennsylvania’s economy.

“I am proud that all of our incumbents will return to Harrisburg to continue their good work and I would like to congratulate State Representatives-elect Barry Jozwiak, Ted Nesbit, Parke Wentling, Brett Miller, Jason Ortitay, Ryan Warner, Cris Dush, Harry Lewis, Jr., Judy Ward, Richard Irvin, Jeff Wheeland, Paul Schemel, Kristin Phillips-Hill, David Zimmerman, Russ Diamond, David Parker, Aaron Kaufer, Kate Klunk, Craig Staats, Tom Quigley, James Santora, and Jack Rader, Jr.

“I applaud the efforts of Speaker Sam Smith, Majority Leader Mike Turzai, HRCC Chairman Dave Reed and the entire state House Republican Caucus for their efforts to improve our Commonwealth and recruit great candidates who will make strong public servants.”