Will Hillary Clinton Address Tom Wolf’s ‘Women In Spades’ Problem?

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s announced visit to Philadelphia this Thursday.

“Tom Wolf’s agenda, which includes higher taxes on working families, is losing support with women,” Sweeney said. “This spring, Tom Wolf claimed that his company’s leadership had ‘women in spades,’ even though women occupied only two out of twenty-six management positions and zero positions on the Board of Directors. Since his ‘women in spades’ comment, Wolf has steadfastly refused to share a gender audit of his company with the voters.

“Governor Corbett has ensured that women hold important and historic positions in our government. Governor Corbett appointed the first female chief of staff in the history of our Commonwealth, and his seven female Cabinet Secretaries control nearly 80 percent of the state budget.

“While Tom Wolf is content to keep women out of the decisions in his company, will Hillary Clinton address Tom Wolf’s ‘women in spades’ comment or the other concerns of Pennsylvania voters? What does Hillary Clinton have to say about the glass ceiling at Tom Wolf’s corporation?”