Tom Wolf Uses Scranton Taxpayer Funds For Political Purposes

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding news that Tom Wolf would be using a Scranton school building to hold a political rally in violation of school policy.

“Tom Wolf is a millionaire who is leaving Scranton’s taxpayers holding the bill for his campaign activities,” Sweeney said. “Tom Wolf will do anything to get elected, even if it means using school district dollars for his own political gain. In Wolf’s world, the government is there to serve his political ambition and not the taxpayer’s needs.

“If he does have a payment plan for the Scranton School District, will he share it with the public or keep it hidden like his 10 years of tax returns? Just as Wolf has used Philadelphia City Hall for a campaign meeting, does Tom Wolf think it’s ok to use Scranton taxpayer dollars to supplement his campaign coffers too?

“Tom Wolf will use any taxpayer dollar he can to get himself elected. If Tom Wolf doesn’t respect taxpayers as a candidate, how can taxpayers trust his character?”

Last night, the Scranton School Board approved the use of a school building for the purposes of a Tom Wolf rally. According to outgoing Board President Kathleen McGuigan on The Dave Madiera Show, the partisan rally goes against the current rules of the Board. ###