Tom Wolf’s Feud With The PA Dems Continues

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s Fall Meeting today.

“Tom Wolf just can’t seem to get over the fact that the PA Democrats have rejected him on two separate occasions,” Sweeney said. “If there were any lingering doubts about the ongoing feud between Tom Wolf and his Party’s grassroots network, just look at his efforts to boycott their annual Fall Meeting.

“This winter, the PA Democratic Party rejected Tom Wolf as their choice for candidate, and so he went out and bought their primary nomination. After the PA Democrats flatly rejected his choice for Party Chair this summer, Tom Wolf used his money to create his own illegal political party instead.

“What does PA Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn think of Tom Wolf’s illegal political party known as a Campaign for a Fresh Start? Does Tom Wolf realize that Pennsylvania can’t buy its way to prosperity? What does it say about Tom Wolf when the Democratic Party’s own grassroots activists won’t trust his judgment?

“Tom Wolf is a calculating politician who will have a ‘unity breakfast’ with someone one day while trying to get them fired the next. If Tom Wolf rewards his allies by trying to get them fired, how can voters trust him with the future of our Commonwealth?”

Tom Wolf and the PA Democratic Party: Timeline of a Feud

February 2014

2/8/14Wolf comes in third for PA Dems’ endorsement vote At their Winter Meeting this February, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party openly refused to endorse Tom Wolf for Governor, giving more votes to rivals Rob McCord and Allyson Schwartz. (Rob Vickers, “Rob McCord stakes claim to Democratic gubernatorial nomination with strong, but indeterminate endorsement vote,” Harrisburg Patriot News, 2/8/2014)

May 2014

5/23/14 — Wolf Hold “Unity Breakfast” Photo-Op, But No Questions Please! “The media was invited too but not allowed to listen in on the table talk.” “Included were Allyson Schwartz, Rob McCord, and Katie McGinty — all defeated by Wolf — as well as former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, US senator Bob Casey, and Pennsylvania Democratic Party chairman Jim Burn. After they ate and talked, Brady and Rendell said the others would not be speaking.” (Chris Brennan, “Democrats stress unity, duck questions after sit-down,” Philadelphia Daily News, 5/23/14), (Chris Tawa, “After Bruising Primary, Pa. Democrats Gather In South Philly For Show of Unity,” CBS 3, 5/23/14)

June 2014

6/11/14 Wolf wants to appoint former rival Katie McGinty on PA Democratic Party Chair Steve Esack of The Allentown Morning Call reports that Tom Wolf has thrown his support behind Katie McGinty for Chair of the PA Democratic Party. (Steve Esack, “Katie McGinty running for PA Democratic chair,” Allentown Morning Call, 6/11/2014)

6/11/14Incumbent Chairman Jim Burn fights back against Wolf’s attempted coup PA Democratic Chairman Jim Burn announced his candidacy for re-election.

6/19/14Wolf’s own running mate will not endorse Wolf’s choice for ChairTom Wolf running mate Mike Stack told a reporter that he would not endorse Katie McGinty for Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair. (Joe Shaheeli, “Leadership Fight Could Hurt Dems,” The Philadelphia Public Record, 6/19/2014)

6/19/14 — Wolf’s pick for PA Dems Chair withdraws Tom Wolf’s handpicked candidate for Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair, Katie McGinty, officially withdrew her name from consideration. (Brad Bumsted, “Democrats find solution to squabble over control of state committee,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/19/2014)

6/19/14Wolf and McGinty form “parallel organization” to the PA Democratic Party Wolf and McGinty announce the creation of a new PAC which, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Tom Fitzgerald, “will be a parallel organization to the Democratic State Committee.” (Tom Fitzgerald, “Wolf declares independence from Dem state committee,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/19/14)

6/21/14Despite Wolf, Chairman Burn wins re-election Jim Burn wins re-election as Chairman of the PA Democratic Party. (Nick Field, “Burn Celebrates Re-Election at State Committee Meeting,”, 6/21/14)