Joe Sestak Touts Extreme Liberal Agenda In Philadelphia

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the PA Democrat Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner.

“Joe Sestak’s extreme liberal platform hasn’t changed since the voters rejected him nearly four years ago,” Gleason said “During his time in Washington, Joe Sestak helped President Obama push through his agenda of higher taxes, more government spending and the disastrous law known as Obamacare. In fact, every Pennsylvanian who lost their doctor due to Obamacare has Joe Sestak to thank.

“Does Joe Sestak regret voting for the disastrous law known as Obamacare? Over the course of the past few years, why did Joe Sestak try to hide his backroom campaign activities from the public?

“Pennsylvanians rejected Joe Sestak’s extreme liberal policies just a few years ago, and we look forward to helping them do it again in the future.”

After the Republican Party of Pennsylvania filed election complaints with the Federal Election Commission regarding Joe Sestak’s inappropriate campaign tactics, the FEC fined Sestak for campaign violations and forced him to declare his formal candidacy for the Senate. (Tim Logue, “Sestak to change candidate status after ruling by Federal Election Commission,” Delaware County Daily Times, 8/24/14)