Biden Turns To Super-Donor Tom Wolf In Pittsburgh

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Vice President Joe Biden’s fundraising trip to Pittsburgh, where he will meet privately with Democrat donors and gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf.

“When Barack Obama and Joe Biden need support in Pennsylvania, they turn to Tom Wolf,” Gleason said. “Tom Wolf was a major financial supporter of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and now he’s turning his attentions to Joe Biden.

“Since Joe Biden and Tom Wolf share a history of plagiarism in their campaigns, it’s no surprise they’re campaigning together. While Joe Biden plagiarized his campaign speeches and a term paper, Tom Wolf’s campaign plagiarized his energy policy. At a time when President Obama and the Democrats are waging a War on Pennsylvania’s coal jobs, is it too much to ask for Tom Wolf to create his own policies regarding our energy future?

“Tom Wolf’s financial support of Barack Obama has cost Pennsylvanians their jobs. Our Commonwealth deserve better than the Obama-Biden-Wolf liberal agenda.”

During his 1988 presidential campaign, now-Vice President Joe Biden was derailed by numerous allegations of plagiarism in his campaign speeches as well in a law school term paper. (David Greenberg, “The Write Stuff,”, 8/25/2008)

After publishing Tom Wolf published his policy plan, campaign rival Allyson Schwartz discovered “… portions of the Fresh Start plan are pulled directly from Johnson Controls, Inc. …” The sections addressed Pennsylvania’s energy future. (Brittany Foster, “PA-Gov: Schwartz Accuses Wolf of Plagiarizing “Fresh Start” Plan,”, 4/24/2014)