Where In The World Are Tom Wolf’s Tax Returns?

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released a statement questioning recent comments made by the Wolf campaign regarding the release of Tom Wolf’s tax returns.

“Tom Wolf’s claiming to have released his taxes, so where can the voters find his last 10 years of returns?” Sweeney asked. “In April, Governor Corbett announced the release of a decade of past tax returns, and provided a link to where the public could view them for themselves. In response, Tom Wolf made two pages of three tax returns available in a Harrisburg office, and has refused to release his corporate taxes for 131 days and counting.

“Does Tom Wolf actually believe the voters will accept this thinly veiled attempt at spin? After a week in which his attempts to hide his campaign practices from the public were exposed, why won’t he just come clean and put his information online like Governor Corbett?

“If Tom Wolf can’t even keep his story straight on his own tax returns, how can the voters trust him with their tax dollars?”

What Wolf Campaign Says…

Yesterday, the West Chester Daily Local reported Tom Wolf for Governor campaign spokesman Mark Nicastre as claiming, “Tom Wolf has released his personal income taxes and financial information from the Wolf Organization — a privately held company.” (Michael Rellahan, “Chesco GOP leaders attack Wolf; challenger fires back,” West Chester Daily Local, 8/26/2014)

What Wolf Campaign Actually Did…

“Wolf has declined to give out a copy of the agreement for the $4.45 million loan he drew in December to help fund his campaign. Rather, like his tax return, he has made it available for reporters to view while releasing certain details about it.” (Marc Levy, “Democrat Tom Wolf reports $2.2M in 2012 income,” Associated Press, 4/17/2014)

“Wolf’s campaign provided copies of two pages and summary information for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 returns, as well as for the 2013 preliminary return. The campaign allowed reporters to review full returns for 2010, 2011 and 2012 at an office in Harrisburg.” (Ed Mahon, “A look at Tom Wolf’s tax records,” York Daily Record, 4/18/2014)

After the Republican Party of Pennsylvania called on Tom Wolf to release his corporate tax returns on April 18 (131 days ago), Tom Wolf has steadfastly refused to release the documents. (“Will Tom Wolf Release His Corporate Taxes?,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania, 4/18/2014)