Tom Wolf Ally Katie McGinty Has History Of Ignoring PA’s Election Laws

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Fresh Start Chair Katie McGinty’s history of disrespecting Pennsylvania’s election laws.

“Katie McGinty’s history of disregarding Pennsylvania law extends beyond her time as Tom Wolf’s handpicked campaign committee Chair,” Sweeney said. “As a candidate, Katie McGinty refused to disclose her financial interests, an error that cost another candidate their ballot position. Now, Katie McGinty and Tom Wolf are flouting Pennsylvania’s Election Code together.

“Did Tom Wolf choose Katie McGinty to run his shadow campaign because of her willingness to evade Pennsylvania law? Why does Katie McGinty refuse to follow the law? If Tom Wolf allows his associates to evade Pennsylvania law now, how can we trust him to run our state government at all?

“Tom Wolf and his shadow campaign committee Chair Katie McGinty owe Pennsylvanians some answers about their concerted efforts to avoid campaign disclosure laws.”

In the Primary, then-Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie McGinty failed to file an on-time Statement of Financial Interests, which was the same issue that resulted in another candidate’s removal from the ballot.

Last week, PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason and Vice Chair Joyce Haas filed an election complaint against with Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele outlining the ways in which Tom Wolf and his campaign committees are intentionally violating Pennsylvania’s Election Code.