WRONG AGAIN: Tom Wolf And Fresh Start Cover Up Continues

HARRISBURG — After Tom Wolf’s campaign committee known as Campaign for a Fresh Start sent out another email in violation of Pennsylvania’s Election Code last night, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s attitude towards Pennsylvania’s laws.

“The Wolf team’s intentional evasion of the merits of this complaint speaks volumes about their attitude regarding transparency and compliance with the law,” Gleason said. “Tom Wolf and his campaign committees were caught red-handed violating Pennsylvania’s Election Code, and they have yet to deny any wrongdoing. Instead of admitting their mistake and focusing on increasing their transparency, Tom Wolf’s campaign committee sent out a half-hearted email to try to spin their way out of this mess. The Wolf response to the complaint calling it “laughable” is a reflection on how he views compliance with Election Code.

“Tom Wolf has spent his entire campaign hiding his past from the voters, so it come as no surprise that he’s trying to hide his political tricks now. Tom Wolf needs to understand that no amount of spin can change the fact he’s been violating Pennsylvania’s election laws. It’s time for Tom Wolf to come forward and open up to the voters about why he’s feels it’s ok to dodge Pennsylvania’s laws while he’s running for Governor.”

Yesterday, PA GOP Chairman Gleason and Vice Chair Joyce Haas filed an official election complaint with Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele and the Pennsylvania Department of State which listed numerous violations committed by Tom Wolf and his campaign committees according to the Election Code. You can read the full complaint here.

In response to the Election Complaint, Tom Wolf’s campaign committee known as Campaign for a Fresh Start sent an email trying to cover up their actions. (Elena Cross, “Intro,” Campaign for a Fresh Start, 8/20/14)