ICYMI: PennLive.com: PA Media Group Apologizes For PennLive Column Item

PennLive has removed from its website a July 25 column that included an item about the state Republican Party’s announcement of its new African-American Inclusion Director.

PA Media Group agrees with a complaint by state GOP Chairman Rob Gleason that the item was inappropriate and offensive. The column, by Deputy Opinion Editor Matt Zencey, was published on PennLive only and did not appear in The Patriot-News.

“I apologize to the Pennsylvania Republican Party and the party’s new African-American Inclusion Director Ryan Sanders,” Zencey said Friday. “The item showed bad judgment on my part.”

Cate Barron, Vice President of Content, said PA Media Group deeply regrets the item and sincerely apologizes to Director Sanders, Mr. Gleason and the state Republican Party.

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