EPA Chief Admits To Waging A War On Coal

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy’s admission that the Obama Administration has declared a War on Coal.

“The Obama Administration has finally admitted what Pennsylvanians already knew — their desire to put tens of thousands of Pennsylvania’s coal workers and related industries out of work,” Gleason said. “Pennsylvania’s coal industry plays a critical role in our economy, but President Obama and Democrats such as Tom Wolf would rather choose their liberal ideology over moving our economy forward.

“Tom Wolf wants to bring the Democrats’ War on Coal to Pennsylvania. While Tom Corbett is working to create more than 150,000 jobs, Tom Wolf wants to endanger our coal jobs. Wolf has pledged to enact job-killing cap-and-trade policies on a statewide level, regardless of its disastrous effects on Pennsylvania jobs.

“Barack Obama and Tom Wolf need to take a stand for Pennsylvania jobs and put an end to their support for cap-and-trade policies.”

While on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, EPA Chief Gina McCarthy admitted that the Obama Administration was declaring a War on Coal. (Daniel Halper, “EPA Chief: Yes, We’re Fighting a ‘War on Coal’,” The Weekly Standard, 6/14/2014)