Tom Wolf Continues His War On Coal

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s recent comments on coal.

“Tom Wolf is running on a far-left agenda that will put Pennsylvania’s coal jobs at risk,” Sweeney said. “Pennsylvania’s coal industry creates jobs and supports families throughout our Commonwealth. Tom Wolf’s comments only serve to demonstrate his view of Pennsylvania’s coal industry as a problem, not a job creator.

“At a time when Tom Corbett has created more than 150,000 new private sector jobs, why is Tom Wolf running on an agenda that puts energy jobs in danger? Tom Corbett understands that coal will play an important and vital role in Pennsylvania’s energy future, along with natural gas and other resources.

“It’s time for Tom Wolf to make his cap-and-trade policy ‘a thing of the past’ and join Governor Corbett in standing up for Pennsylvania’s coal jobs.”

At an event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council earlier this week, Tom Wolf stated, “One day, the carbon-based energy system that we rely on now will be a thing of the past.” (Tom Wolf Comments, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, 6/13/2014)

According to 2012 report by the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance, Pennsylvania has 25 billion tons of bituminous coal and an additional 7 billion tons of anthracite coal reserves, allowing our coal industries to continue for decades. (“Pennsylvania’s Cold Hard Facts: 2012,” Pennsylvania Coal Alliance, Accessed 6/12/2014)