Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Fight For More Government, More Taxes, More ObamaCare

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the latest Democrat gubernatorial debate.

“Tonight, the Democratic gubernatorial candidates tried to peddle unaffordable, big government solutions to Pennsylvanians,” Gleason said. “For months, these Democratic candidates have tried to convince taxpayers that the only solution for our government’s problems is more government, more taxes, and more ObamaCare. No wonder the Pennsylvania Democratic Party refused to support this lackluster group of candidates this year.

“While the Democratic gubernatorial candidates fight over who can tax our families the most, Tom Corbett is fighting to create jobs. Tom Corbett’s policies have created 150,000 private sector jobs. Governor Corbett has increased state funding for our schools by $1.55 billion, a record in Pennsylvania. As the Democrats fight to expand the government, Governor Corbett has reduced the size of government to a 50-year low.

“The more the Democratic gubernatorial candidates talk to voters, the more voters will realize that they simply cannot afford the Democrats’ shared tax-and-spend policies.”