Schwartz Chose ObamaCare Over CHIP

Allyson Schwartz had her chance to fight for CHIP, but she chose ObamaCare instead.

The fact is, ObamaCare forces 50,000 children currently enrolled in Pennsylvania’s CHIP program to switch to Medicaid. Governor Corbett asked for an exemption to keep these kids in CHIP, but the Obama administration refused.

  • Patriot News: Feds won’t let Corbett keep children in CHIP
  • CBS Local: Feds Force Pennsylvania To Shift Thousands Of Kids From CHIP To Medicaid

This is a classic example of Obamacare intruding upon the relationship between patient and doctor. What happens to children who may not be able to keep their long-time doctors because their primary care physicians and/or specialists accept CHIP but not Medicaid?

Allyson Schwartz is effectively telling CHIP parents to get on ObamaCare’s website (which doesn’t work), find a new doctor (because they can’t keep their old one) and deal with it because she can obviously make better choices than families can for themselves.

Even when Governor Corbett signed a CHIP extension into law last week (which garnered overwhelming bipartisan support in both the PA Senate and House), Schwartz didn’t once applaud the Governor’s efforts to continue a program she was proud of at one point.

But CHIP isn’t the first program to come under Obamacare and Schwartz’s fire. As families are losing their healthcare plans and people are losing their jobs, Obamacare’s disastrous effects in Pennsylvania are well documented. But Schwartz support for ObamaCare has never wavered.

Maybe Schwartz should ask this woman about what it’s like choosing between paying ObamaCare’s high premium costs or putting food on the table.

  • Pennsylvania school districts reduce employee hours: “Eleven East Penn School District food service employees will have their hours cut to 29.75 hours a week — just 15 minutes shy of the 30-hours-a-week that triggers the mandate that employers provide health benefits under ObamaCare.” (Margie Peterson, “East Penn Cuts Cafeteria Workers’ Hours To Avoid ObamaCare,” The Morning Call, 6/27/13)
  • Health plans drop working spouses: “A growing number of companies are looking to clamp down on rising health care costs by dumping coverage for their employees’ working spouses. Others are requiring their workers to pay extra money to cover a spouse who could get health insurance elsewhere. And some may even consider making employees pay the full cost of insuring their children. The moves are viewed as low-hanging fruit for companies that are expecting higher costs next year under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. (Alex Nixon. “Health plans drop working spouses.” Tribune Review. 8/20/2013.)
  • Skyrocketing costs: WFMZ: Obamacare forces mother to choose between insurance or putting food on the table.
  • Layoffs: NBC Philadelphia: ObamaCare forcing Pennsyvlania hospital to cut hundreds of staff.
  • Scarce PA enrollments: The Patriot News reported that three Pennsylvania organizations — the Pennsylvania Health Access Network, Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association, and Pinnacle Health System — have not been able to fully enroll a single person in ObamaCare.