Struck A Schwartz Nerve

Seems like our ad struck a nerve with Allyson Schwartz.

Wednesday morning in a fundraising e-mail, Schwartz called our ad “false” (see her campaign e-mail below.) But tell us…what is false about:

… the fact that she chose to announce a 5% gas tax on Pennsylvania natural gas companies as her first major policy proposal?

  • Pennsylvania should enact a 5-percent severance tax on natural gas production…”All Pennsylvanians deserve to share in the shale wealth,” Schwartz said during a conference call with reporters. (Fitzgerald, Tom. Schwartz proposes 5 percent severance tax on shale gas. Philadelphia Inquirer. 9/4/2013.)

… her voting record where she has previously supported raising taxes on oil and gas companies and picked winners and losers in the auto industry?

  • HR 5351: “Passage of the bill that would extend and create several tax incentives for energy conservation and renewable-energy production, including a new tax credit for plug-in hybrid vehicles. It would extend expiring tax credits for wind and solar energy and authorize $5.6 billion in tax-credit bonds to finance renewabale energy and energy conservation efforts. To offset the costs, the bill would eliminate or reduce the manufacturing tax deduction for oil and gas companies. It also would change the way oil and gas companies calculate foreign oil and gas income.” (H.R. 5351, CQ Vote #84: Passed 236-182: R 17-174; D 219-8; I 0-0, 2/27/08, Schwartz Voted Yea)

… the fact that Schwartz is a rank-and-file liberal Demcorat, who supports Obama, Pelosi and the extremes of her party?

  • YES on ObamaCare
  • YES on Cap and Tax
  • YES on Stimulus
  • Served as DCCC Recruitment Chair and her extreme agenda failed nationally: “Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz said, “I am honored to be named DCCC National Chair for Recruiting. This election cycle will be more important than ever as Democrats work to win back control of the House. It is imperative that we recruit the best and the brightest individuals around the country who can run tough, vigorous campaigns and help us regain our Majority.” (Rep. Allyson Schwartz chosen to lead recruiting for House Democratic Campaign Committee. PoliticsPA. 1/6/2011.)