PA GOP Statement On Obama’s Government Shutdown

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement on President Obama and the Democrats’ failed leadership which lead to a government shutdown:

“It’s a stunning failure of leadership when President Obama shows he is more committed to his liberal ideology than working with Congress. While Republicans in the House listened to the American people and took multiple steps to keep the government open by working all weekend and into the night, President Obama and Harry Reid took Sunday off and never came to the negotiating table. Senate Democrats deliberately shut down the government for the sake of raising taxes on medical devices and plowing ahead with the ObamaCare trainwreck, a disaster that a majority of Americans have said they don’t want. If President Obama and Democrats in Congress are so eager to exempt themselves from ObamaCare, why aren’t they working on the same relief for the American people? It’s time that President Obama and Senate Democrats stop playing politics and start being fair to the American people.”