PA GOP Statement Supporting Governor Corbett’s HealthyPA Reforms

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement applauding Governor Corbett’s HealthyPA initiative to reform Pennsylvania’s healthcare system:

“Healthcare reform is necessary, but it’s clear that blind acceptance of Obamacare is not the answer for Pennsylvania. Governor Corbett’s healthcare reform plan takes great care to put Pennsylvanians first, rather than take President Obama’s disastrous one-size-fits-all approach,” Chairman Rob Gleason said.

“Governor Corbett’s HealthyPA initiative will improve access to quality healthcare, help rein in costs, and will ensure that our healthcare system retains its top-notch quality. While HealthyPA serves as another example of Governor Tom Corbett’s reform-minded leadership, it’s also clear Governor Corbett isn’t afraid to stand up to the federal government and President Obama to protect Pennsylvania families.”